• 耿洁:已与刘炜达成一致下月签约

    'Zacharias Smith!' said Ron at once, punching a fist into his hand. 'Or - I thought that Michael Corner had a really shifty look, too - '

  • 联盟副总裁:近期不会改变乐透抽签规则

    'Well, carry on!' said Professor Trelawney loudly, her voice high-pitched and somewhat hysterical, 'you know what to do! Or am I such a sub-standard teacher that you have never learned how to open a book?'

  • 足协:加强对业余队管理,处罚结果下周公布

    But he gave Ron a significant look and the two of them hung back as the rest of the team filed back outside, muffled in their cloaks, their hats pulled low over their ears.

  • 詹姆斯:我们下场要打得更好一些


  • 英媒:贝尼特斯希望免签阿韦洛亚

    'Hermione did it,' said Harry. He pulled out his wand, tapped h s glasses and said, 'Impervius!'

  • 许利民:坚决不能被自己打败

    'I've been suspecting this ever since Filch accused you of ordering Dungbombs, because it seemed such a stupid lie,' Hermione whispered. 'I mean, once your letter had been read it would have been quite clear you weren't ordering them, so you wouldn't have been in trouble at all - it's a bit of a feeble joke, isn't it? But then I thought, what if somebody just wanted an excuse to read your mail? Well then, it would be a perfect way for Umbridge to manage it - tip off Filch, let him do the dirty work and confiscate the letter, then either find a way of stealing it from him or else demand to see it - I don't think Filch would object, when's he ever stuck up for a student's rights? Harry, you're squashing your frog.'

  • 苏群发声:中国人不打中国人啊

    'Did you see it?'